Outdoor Reunions

Outdoor Reunions

Banquet halls with rubbery chicken? Bars that are overpriced and the music is too loud? A retreat that feels like gym class all over again? Those seem to be the only options when it comes to reunions. It seems that no matter which way you go, there are pros and cons...
Memorials in the Time of Covid

Memorials in the Time of Covid

If someone asked me 2 years ago “Where do you think you will be,” I can guarantee I would not have the right answer of surviving and thriving during a global pandemic that’s gone on for close to two years. But alas, here we are, and we are learning to live a little...

The New Wedding?

The New Wedding? If I have to hear “In these uncertain times” again, I just might go crazy! And I’m sure many of you are feeling the same way. But times are changing, and not just because of what’s going on in this world. Going away are the stuffy sit-down banquet...

Why A Company Picnic?

Why A Company Picnic? The Benefits of Getting Your Team Together OUTSIDE of the Office! Company picnics, when done the right way, can be one of the most beneficial activities for both you and your employees!  The corporate world has drastically changed over the last...

The Secret to a Great Family Day: It’s All About the Kids!

The Secret to a Great Family Day: It’s All About the Kids! One of the more popular pieces of marriage advice states that a happy wife is the key to a happy life. But, here at Oak Tree Lodge, we’ve always found that happy kids make for happy parents. We’ve put together...

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