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Party Sizes

The facilities, at Oak Tree Lodge, cater groups up to 2,500 people.
The minimum size party is 125 adults. (12 years old and up)

Special Arrangements and Substitutions

Special arrangements can be made to include any catered item you may desire.
Oak Tree Lodge reserves the right to make substitutions if necessary.

Tax and Gratuity

A 6.625% New Jersey State Tax will be added to all outings.
Gratuity is not included.


Planning & Booking My Event

Do I need to provide a lifeguard?

Oak Tree Lodge supplies an American Red Cross certified lifeguard during any event that the pool is open. There is no extra charge for a lifeguard.

Can I arrange for alcohol?

We are a BYOB facility and do not carry a liquor license. We can recommend local stores, and we have taps and cooling systems for kegs, and coolers for cans. We ask that you try and refrain from bringing glass onto the property whenever possible. A one-day liquor license may be necessary in certain cases.

I saw the prices online for the food, but what about all the other stuff like cups and plates, and staff?

Our prices include all staffing, use of the facilities (including the pool and American Red Cross certified lifeguard staff), ice, cups, and paper goods. NJ State Sales Tax and gratuity for the staff is not included in the price.

How much should I expect to pay for those?

NJ State Sales Tax is charged to any non-tax exempt group at a rate of 6.625%. Gratuity is left up to you, but we suggest $1.50-$2.50 per guest (of any age) that you have, 100% of which goes directly to the staff members working hard to ensure that your event goes off without a hitch!

Do you supply servers?

We utilize a buffet style self service with the exception of our grill and clam bar. If you would like to have servers at the buffet to serve guests, that would not be included in the listed price. Please call for more information.

I am interested in having a meeting at your facility. Do you host something like that?

We are currently working on a meeting package. Get in touch with us and we can discuss your needs and set something up!

What does the menu price include?

Our price is all inclusive of food, use of grounds, staffing, soft drinks, ice, paper goods, and all our facilities.

I am interested in having my wedding and/or reception at Oak Tree Lodge, are there other costs, or anything we should be aware of?

At Oak Tree Lodge, we handle and charge the way we do any of our other spectacular events. This means that we do not decorate or rearrange space. If that is something you need, then other arrangements may have to be made. We cannot provide different tables and chairs but can put you in touch with a local service that will be able to do so. Reach out to us today to discuss some ideas!

I want to host my event at Oak Tree Lodge, can I bring my own entertainment?

Of course! We have had a variety of outside entertainment to come in from belly dancing instructors to game companies, from clowns to DJs. We just would like to be informed of any vendors ahead of time. If you are looking for something to add some pizzazz to your day, we can suggest vendors that we have worked with in the past!

Can we bring in our own catering?

All Oak Tree Lodge bookings will include a menu choice. If there is something on the menu that you would like and don’t see, just ask! We can accommodate most requests. If not, we can discuss where to go from there.

We always welcome desserts in addition to what we serve!

How many people do need to attend in order to book?

In general, we require a minimum of 125 adults (12 years old and up) to book in season. But give us a call and we can discuss specifics with your event.

How do I go about booking a date?

We require a signed contract and a $2000 non refundable deposit to book a date.

The Premises

Do you allow pets?

As cute as we think our furry friends are, we are considered a food service facility, and therefore cannot allow any pets that are not registered as service animals.

What kind of seating is there?

We provide six foot picnic tables around the grounds and in the food service areas. Each table can hold six average sized people comfortably. We do not have folding chairs or tailgating chairs, so please feel free to bring your own if a bench seat is uncomfortable for you.

What kind of oil do you use for your French fries?

We use canola oil. We are a nut free facility. We are currently working on a virtual list of ingredients and allergens for all our items. We have them on site by request for anyone with a dietary concern.

What happens if it rains?

We are a rain or shine facility. All our food and beverage service is under cover, and we have plenty of seating to accommodate a group of any size. Our pool may close due to inclement weather.

Can I expect the pool to be open for my event?

We try to have our pool open by Memorial Day, and we keep it open if the weather allows us (usually through mid-September).

What's the WiFi password?

We do not have public WiFi. This is a day for you to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and companionship of your coworkers, friends, and family. Feel free to bring board games and cards!

I’m attending for the very first time. What should I bring?

A sense of fun and adventure! But more practically, we suggest you bring the following: beach towel(s), bathing suit, change of clothes, sunscreen, and bug spray. We do provide all the equipment for our sports facilities and suggest that you leave your all-star softball glove at home for risk of misplacing something of value.

Do you provide lockers?

We do not have lockers on site. We ask that you refrain from bringing or wearing any valuables, and do not leave your possessions unattended.

What is the dress code?

We suggest wearing whatever is comfortable for the weather that day, lighter cotton clothing for the summer heat and windbreakers/long pants for the cooler spring and fall months.

If you plan to be active, sneakers may be the best decision of footwear. If you are attending a more formal event, we suggest you check with the event planner to see what type of style is to be expected.

Do you have a lost and found?

If anything is found by a fellow party attendee and turned in to our staff, you can ask at the front counter or the lifeguard. Or you can give us a call the next day at (732)-681-8040. We will try our best to locate the item to return it to you. First and foremost, we suggest leaving your valuables at home.

Is Oak Tree Lodge open to the public?

We are not, we are exclusively a planned event facility.

Will there be another group on the grounds on the same day?

In certain cases, we will have two groups on the property at the same time. Each group will get a private area for dining and activities. The only shared spaces are our pool, children’s playground, and miniature golf course. We will NOT book a group at the same time as a school picnic.

Do you have accessible parking?

We have handicap parking spots in our gravel and grass lots.

Do you allow strollers into the Lodge?

Any stroller that works well in a county park will work just fine here at Oak Tree Lodge!

Do you have changing tables?

We have changing tables in our restrooms

Is the picnic area covered?

Our food and dining areas are covered. There are tables around our sporting areas that are in direct sunlight. We offer both so there is something for everyone!

What type of overnight accommodations do you offer?

While we do have “Lodge” in our name, we limit your stay with us to just the time of your event. There are plenty of local area hotels for a variety of budgets. We suggest searching the area for a place that can suit your needs.

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