Banquet halls with rubbery chicken? Bars that are overpriced and the music is too loud? A retreat that feels like gym class all over again? Those seem to be the only options when it comes to reunions. It seems that no matter which way you go, there are pros and cons to each, and there is no way to please everyone.

From personal experience, an outdoor relaxed event is the way to go. A place where the food is prepared with care. A place you can BYOB (or not!) and choose a DJ, band, or in-house radio. A “field day” option for some and others can choose to relax by the pool.

Oak Tree Lodge is the best mix of everything. And on top of the great outdoor spaces we have, we are kid-friendly, so no need to worry about a babysitter! It’s always fun to watch the second generation become friends as close as the first.

After the last few years, it’s about time that we start reconnecting with friends and loved ones, and no better way than to do it outside. Family reunions, class reunions, even neighborhood and town reunions are fun get-togethers for all ages. We’ve seen great sing-alongs start by the grill, some tough cornhole tournaments won by a father and son-in-law, and dizzy bat races that the band geeks ended up taking by storm. Maybe it’s all that marching in a straight line that helped them to the win?

With our more intimate Hilltop Pavilion’s reopening, there’s expanded availability for the first time in 3 seasons. This is the year to start new traditions, keep old ones alive, or just get together for the heck of it.

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