The Secret to a Great Family Day: It’s All About the Kids!

One of the more popular pieces of marriage advice states that a happy wife is the key to a happy life.

But, here at Oak Tree Lodge, we’ve always found that happy kids make for happy parents. We’ve put together some of the favorite activities we’ve seen over the years. And this can be a great list of things to do at home with your kids, too!

1. Dizzy Bat Races: Have the participants place their forehead on the butt of a bat (usually whiffle ball bats are used) and spin around a designated number of times before running to a cone, then back again. The more people participating, the better! This can be run in a relay style as well. Another way to make it more challenging is to add a task at the opposite end before returning and tagging in the next person. It can be something physical like push-ups/jumping jacks, or for the young ones they can just shout their favorite color or animal!

2. Egg Smash: This was always a favorite during spirit week at my school and has become popular on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon as well! This takes a small amount of planning ahead. The idea is to have a few raw eggs amongst a batch of hardboiled eggs. Players take turns picking an egg to then smash on their head. This can be used as a penalty while playing a game as the Tonight Show uses or can be done as a stand alone task.

3. Bubbles: Blowing bubbles is an ageless good time! From the tubes with wands, to the intricate wands for multiple bubbles, to bubble guns, to the small buckets with two poles and a loop of string to get those HUGE bubbles, there is no wrong way to go about getting things sudsy! And making your own homemade “bubble juice” is so easy, just use a 1:6 ratio of your house dish soap to water, and slowly stir it together. You can make as much or as little as needed, and it’s much more convenient than running around to buy bubble stuff!

4. Sidewalk Chalk: In this day in age it seems that children are only interested in what’s going on with tablets and smartphones. A great way to unleash the inner artist in everyone (kids and adults, too!) is sidewalk chalk. A bucket of chalk is very inexpensive, and the possibilities are endless. We have lots of black top areas as well as concrete to let the creativity flow. At home, any driveway, sidewalk, or safe part of a neighborhood street are perfect canvases for the budding creativity.

We hope that you give some of these summertime activities a try and let us know how your children enjoyed them in the comments. And if there are any other ideas that you use with your family, tell us below, too!

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