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Head Office

Oak Tree Lodge

1412 Schoolhouse Rd, Wall Township, NJ 07753

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6 hours ago

Oak Tree Lodge
Hip hip HOORAY! We are so happy that our state continues to move in the right direction, just in time for all those warm spring days! With such great news and a healthy dose of warmer temps and sun angle, we are ready to begin resuming our on site visits next weekend, March 13th ☀️ dates are booking up as we speak, so contact us today to start planning your 2021 event!#oaktreelodge #otl #wedding #weddingplanning #njeventspace #njevents #njwedding #njcatering #cateringfacility ...
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3 days ago

Oak Tree Lodge
It’s #nationalweddingplanningday and the first day of #weddingseason2021 we know things seem scary out there, so let us help take a lot of the stress away! Here at #oaktreeelodge we were built for social distancing. Plenty of ventilation when you’re outdoors! Two pavilions and a tent provide plenty of cover just in case the weather isn’t agreeable that day 😜 We have three amazing menus and plenty of add on options. You will be the only event on site that day, so you can breathe a sigh of relief when it comes to safety concerns.Contact us today to see what we can do for you this year!#otl #wedding #weddingplanning #njeventspace #njevents #njwedding #njcatering #cateringfacility ...
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1 week ago

Oak Tree Lodge
☀️☀️☀️ What’s that bright ball in the sky?! We’re starting to defrost over here and it has us getting stoked to help host another stellar food truck event! Saturday, May 1st and Sunday, May 2nd, two sessions each day! We’ve added more trucks, vendors, and a petting zoo, as well as a half hour to each session! Fire pits 🔥 and all day sessions still available 💥Plenty of reasons to get excited, so make sure you get with your clan and get your tickets soon 🎫 ...
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